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Folder Lock
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Folder Protect
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Password Protect Folders

If you are looking for a way to password protect your folders and files so that your room-mate, friends or unauthorized users cannot access, read, move, rename, modify or delete them, then you are at right place! offers you best data security applications like Folder Protect and Folder Lock that help you to password protect your folders and files securely in Windows XP 32-bit, XP 64-bit, Vista 32-bit, Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 and Windows 2000.



Folder Lock




1. Encrypt Files & Folders


2. Lock Files & Folders


3. Password Protect Data


4. Protect USB Drives


5. Hide Pictures


6. Prevent Hacking


7. Complete Portability


Folder Protect




1. Block Access


2. Hide Data


3. Prevent Deletion


4. Prevent Modification


5. Password Protect Files


6. Protect Folders & Drives


7. Protect Extensions


Password Protect Folders with Folder Lock

Folder Lock is a two-in-one file locking and encryption software that lets you password protect your files, folders, drives, USB flash drives, external hard drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs and even emails. It offers security at two different levels; Locking and Encryption.


Folder Lock offers fastest encryption, fool-proof data security, multipurpose password locking protection, USB portability, hack attempt monitoring, history cleaning, auto-protection, stealth mode, integration with Windows Content Menu along with customization options.


Folder Lock lets you password protect all your documents, files, pictures, videos, folders, drives, external hard drives and even CDs and DVDs. With Folder Lock installed on your PC, you can lock and hide your data in such a way that it cannot be viewed or searcher for even if ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders’ is selected from the Windows Explorer’s Folder Option, your password protected data remain protected and hidden.


Folder Lock also protects your data from getting hacked as it has a very effective Hack Attempt Monitoring System that keeps a record of all fake password attempts and also loads a beep sound to alert the owner of possible hack attempt.



Password Protect Folders with Folder Protect


Folder Protect is a unique locking software that works by providing you true ‘Data in Use’ security i.e. it works on the concept that your data remain protected from accidental deletion and modification while being used and accessed. It is significantly important for those who want other users to access, read and use their data but still does not want them to delete or modify its content.


Folder Protect is one of its kind software that offers such type of protection and allows its users to customize the levels of security they want for their files. It offers security at four different levels to make your data inaccessible, hidden, delete-proof and write protected; and allows you to password protect folders, files, drives, installed programs and system wide extensions with just a single mouse click.


Folder Protect offers an effortless and simple way to customize security settings for files and folders according to your needs. You can choose No Access to block unauthorized access to files and folders; No Visible to hide files and folders from Explorer and even from getting searched; No Delete to allow access to files but still make them delete proof; and No Write to allow access but prevent data from getting modified.


Folder Protect uses Windows Kernel level protection that even works in Safe Mode ensuring complete security of protected folders. This is a very unique feature as no other locking software offers protection in Safe Mode.  Furthermore, users can simply right click to protect and / or unprotect their files through Windows Explorer Context Menu feature of the program. In addition, Folder Protect also allows you to set an idle time after which your selected items get automatically protected, and you can also run the program in complete stealth. All these features set Folder Protect apart from other locking software.


Folder Protect and Folder Lock protect your data by password protecting your important text files, documents, images, photos, videos, music files, emails, folders, drives, external storage media, notebooks, CDs, DVDs, installed programs, applications and even system wide extensions.